Saturday, February 19, 2011


Stampeding elephants
On Thursday, rather than do my taxes (an easy task to avoid), I used the occasion of a double birthday party scheduled for the following day to zip to S & A Beads, the bead store in Takoma Park to collect supplies for making earrings.

Yes, pretty shiny things.  What's not to like?

Since the party was designated no-gift, if the earring project collapsed in disaster, no social faux pas would ensue, and so a low-stress excuse to get crafty. 

Neither complicated nor fancy earrings, I opted for a simple, manageable design. One friend likes elephants, so I had that in mind as I shopped.

Flowing flowers
I should have also considered two other key aspects, namely, bead hole size and bead size. I had to jury-rig the center posts of the elephant earrings with plastic earrings stops lest they slide all the way through. And the pale blue beads I got to match the flowered beads looked clunky and odd as they slid all over. Fortunately, I could dip into a stash of little beads to replace them.

The birthday girls graciously received my inexpert but affectionately-created gifts, and I thank them for their friendship, good will, and good times drinking wine.

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