Thursday, February 17, 2011

Creative Cohorts

Skee ball in the basement of the Pour House.
No tickets or plastic prizes, but still:
skee ball!
I spent yesterday morning writing, that rare, crazy, joyful writing that flows out, all kinds of truth and beauty. Or so it seemed at the time. A brief review that evening left me less enthused. The spotty organization and hanging threads of which I was dimly aware of in my rush to gush glowed crazy neon in my evening critical eye. But never mind, I had the morning. Now let's see what I do with it, if the piece ever grows beyond my initial enthusiasm. If nothing else, it's long; some days, the weight of a manuscript provides enough proof of effort. 

In general, I am in a time of dart throwing. I'm working as many avenues for change as I can. From travel and tweaking resumes to submitting volunteer applications and cajoling friends into collaborative efforts, I am shaking my tail feathers trying to be in the world.

Collaborations: This blog provides an excellent excuse for pulling people into my creative funhouse. One of the many splendid things about art is that it can run solo or group. And one of the many splendid things about my friends is that they indulge my hobbies. Projects in investigative stages include a couple of interviews with artists, a collaborative poem, and, most hysterically, given my total lack of knowledge, co-writing a song. The creative whirling is spinning fast here, whipping up a goofy glee in its wake.   

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