Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's photos, Takoma Park

As many people know, I'm fond of the town in which I live, Takoma Park, MD.  Here are some photographic reasons as to why (please forgive gray lighting - twas overcast today):
This truck, often parked in my neighborhood, makes me
want to Eat More Kale.  I don't even like kale. 


The Lawn Art House


Because what says Christmas more
than a kangaroo with a child in its
pouch wearing a Santa hat?
Polar bear with faces.  Does that
mean he ate the people?

Floating baby heads

A few houses down, a pink rhino grazes.

The porch mannequins down the street are
festooned with lights for the season. Their
garb changes for every holiday.

Someone took a cart most,
but not all of the way home. 

Why do I fit in Takoma Park?  Why, because I spent a portion of New Year's eve afternoon making these:
Psycho Smile Suncatcher

Fetch! Camel Dog Suncatcher

So far, I'm only happy with the fact that the copper circle on the second one is more seamlessly connected.  Less hideous versions are being considered as I experiment with my materials further. 

Finally, a gratuitous experiment in posting video.  The happy babbling of Sligo Creek:

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