Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chris Pureka with Vandaveer and Nicole Reynolds

Another great show at the Iota, with a big crowd, great opening bands, and polished musicians all around. Chris Pureka has a loyal following for good reason. 

A clip from Chris Pureka's encore, "Wagon Wheel," below.  Apologies on jumpiness.  For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to turn the angle of my camera, so to undo that, I had to edit the clip. (I have basic video editing software on my computer - who knew?).  Video doesn't really do justice to the show. 

Great quotes from the evening include:
Nicole Reynolds, when referencing going through a box of old grade school items at her mother's house, including a paper that asked if she could have any parents in the world, who would she select: "I chose Dolly Parton and Mel Gibson."

Mark Charles Heidinger of Vandaveer, "It's the name of the album, you'd think we'd get it right," during some pretty hilarious song confusion.

Chris Pureka, "What have I gotten myself into?" when starting to tell a story, and then changing her mind, and then soldiering on when the audience coaxed her to continue. 

Check them all out:

Chris Pureka


Nicole Reynolds

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