Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love that Guitar

When I was researching a character for the GodAwful novel, I interviewed a number of my guitarist friends to ask why they started playing the guitar.  Through chance, they were all men, several of whom I had dated, so a skewed sampling at best.  But to a one, each said they started playing the guitar, essentially, to pick up chicks.  Women dig musicians.  I was startled by this for some reason - I mean, I figured smart, talented people, the first thing they would talk about would be, oh, love of music, or some influential band, or a friend that played, or a musical family.  But, nope, it was all about the chicks. 

This didn't help me all that much, as the guitarist character I was writing was female, and I'm not sure that the groupie fantasy is as deeply rooted in the female psyche as it apparently is in the male.  I gave her a family member that she idolized, and that worked for motivation. 

But it brings up the idea of audience.  Those budding guitarists were all hoping that some future audience would groove on their art.  As a budding blogger, I'm hoping you'll be so smitten with me that you will read another entry. Or read to the end of this entry.  Or, ok, at least not send me flame mail.  My standards are lower these days, but part of me still things Fame! Fortune! Love!  or, ok, at least hot groupies.  It's not impossible.  I know someone (whom I won't name, since she'd kick my ass) who is dating a blogger that she met, yep, through his blog.  Which I also won't name, because, again, she'd kick my ass. 

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