Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Junk Art - The Ugly Mobiles, 1.0 & 2.0

Ugly Mobile 1.0 had the most interesting parts, that's for sure.  They included:
parts of a black metal lamp, broken guitar strings, the spiral cord of a phone chargers, parts of the inner workings of a mouse (computer, that is), 70th anniversay pin of the Soviet Union, a blue plastic turtle, the wire cap of a champagne cork, pieces of agate, amethyst and petrified wood, plastic beads, Mardi Gras medallions from 1990, metal towel racks, a plastic silver dollhouse teapot, yarn, paper drink umbrellas, magnets (including one that lights up), a broken compass with a frog design, a Canadian maple leaf xmas ornament, a homemade ornament prototype, a cloisonne bracelet, and seashells.   Sadly, I never got a good photograph (imagine!) but you get the idea. 

Ugly Mobile 2.0 is not as ugly, and has fewer parts.  The moral of the story might be symmetry and repetition are components of artistic design. Parts: black metal lamp parts (from UM1.0), crystals from a disassembled chandelier, the metal towel racks, plastic beads (some from UM1.0), goldtone bells, blue metal plumbing pipe, and a little guitar string. 

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