Sunday, April 19, 2015

Recipe for a Cheap Desk

1. Go to Habitat's ReStore and get an unfinished birch slab door for $8.00.

2. Sand, stain and polyurethane wood. 

3. Buy Adils table legs at IKEA ($3.50 each) and attach to the wood.

Voila!  A huge, basic desk.  

Be warned that if your door is hollow (as mine is), it may be a wobbly desk as the leg screws don't have quite enough wood to grip onto.  At a later date, I may do some kind of reinforcing there to stabilize it.  For now, the file cabinets keep it secure enough so that I can type away without incident. I am grooving on the extra space - and hopeful that I'll also now remember to water the fern.  

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