Sunday, December 30, 2012


acrylic on canvas
30" x 48"

New work I've been playing has morphed in various ways, including number of arms, wing size, color schemes, and a lot of messing around with drippy, watery paints. I'm not sure that I consider it done, but I think I'll let it rest for a while at least.

At one point, the canvas looked like this:

And way, way before that, it looked like this:

The original sketch painting was based off a photo from unsuccessful huckleberry picking years ago in Oregon. I could never get proportions and faces to look anything more than cartoonish, and once I had erased many things many, many times, I eventually lurched into more abstract worlds.

You never know how a painting will evolve (or I don't, anyway - which is possibly a problem, as well as an advantage).

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