Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Contrasting Views

We worked with charcoal last night in art class, and I continued with my ongoing problem with contrast.  I add in contrast - and then I smear it away, tone it down, erase it one way or another, whether with paint or charcoal. It seems a good metaphor, that I should be more bold instead of backing away.

Not a T-Rex
charcoal on paper
And no, by the way, the still life items on display did not include a T-Rex -- that's just how my drawing came out.  I think the skull was from a horse, although I forgot to ask.  

But my, my, what big teeth it has.  


  1. Teeth not nearly sharp enough for T-REx!

    Good job!

  2. Hey, look, it's cool, no matter what it is. After all, aren't we supposed to let the viewer take on some of the responsibility of deciding what it is to them? Or at least that's what I've been told. :-)

    I dig it. I think some of your more successful pieces are in charcoal and b&w right now. I see the evolution in the color paintings, but I see more progress here. (tell me to shut it with the honesty if you want... it's hard for an artist's daughter not to offer critiques)

    1. Honest critique definitely encouraged...I think I'm making progress in different ways with shape/drawing v. color and technique. Presumably, they'll merge at some point, but you're probably seeing one avenue more than the other. And they are, ahem, pretty circuitous paths.

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