Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photography Bender

Berries, Gallaudet University

A photography bender has started, thanks to a fabulous friend who has loaned me a camera with a real lens and the ability to change things like aperture and ISO and set the focus and such.

I still don't know what aperture is, despite her best efforts to explain it to me. 

But I do know that if I have aperture set to 2.8 and zoom all the way in, I get the effect of some things blurry and some things not. 

I'm unreasonably excited by this.  I'm almost as excited by this as by the fact that this super cool camera also still fits in my purse so I can still carry a camera around with me everywhere. 

I expect I'll be annoying about the new toy for quite a while.

Birdhouse & Giant Metal Chicken, Capitol Hill

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