Monday, November 28, 2011

Them Apples

Green Apples
acrylic on canvas
10 x 8
As part of another attempt to de-clutter my apartment, I spent yesterday sorting through stacks of art supplies. Like coming across old snapshots, paintings take me back to the time and place where I painted them.

"Green Apples," an attempt at a classic still life with somewhat atraditional color choices, was painted on the balcony of a beach house rented for the Sisters Beach Trip 3.0 the week after Hurricane Irene.  My sister was working on a painting too, hers of shells. 

At the time, I wasn't much thrilled with my effort. Now I find I like it much better, perhaps because it returns me to a warm balcony with ocean air full of familial love, acceptance, and creative exploration. 

Those are some darn good apples in that context.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this and naked man - the perspective on naked man is done really well, and I love the palette on both

    the photograph of you and Susie is worthy of a photo book - OK if I steal a copy? I need something cheerful