Friday, October 21, 2011

Airy Airport Design: Washington National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport provides a fine example of art in public spaces.  Airy, inviting, and (useful for those with canceled connections) calming. The expansion of 1997 was designed by César Pelli. 

Fun fact gleaned from wikipedia: "Hoover Field, near the present site of the Pentagon, was the first major terminal to be developed in the Capital area, opening its doors in 1926. The facility's single runway was intersected by a local street; guards had to stop automobile traffic during takeoffs and landings."

Cathedral-esque ceiling

Window detail in main hallway, Terminal B/C

Window frames

Self portrait, moving walkway

Walkway to Terminal A
The old terminal, Terminal A, closed to gear up for a
private event (hence the balloons)

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  1. Dear All , The Metal work looks awesome and really creative . The ceiling looks complicated for an airport environment , The window frames looks incomplete too . Overall the terminal can improvise by bringing cultural possesions of Australia , Nature ( greenery like grass , hanging gardens ) with proper signage for a hassle free travel of pax inside the terminal .
    Thank You