Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yes, I'm ignoring you.

Blog has been sorely neglected in the interest of packing...I'm returning to Nuclear Free Zone Takoma Park, having signed a lease on a cute little apartment that may or may not be able to contain all the art supplies I've accumulated over the last few months.  The line between artist and packrat is very, very small as it turns out.  I'll be buff from moving all those boxes though. 

As part of the avoiding-packing project, I found some old framing that (miraculously) was just the right size for "Squid's Garden."  I only had to cut down one side. Now that it's looking so fancy (gold, no less), I might try to sell it in the estate sale on Saturday. You never know what folks might buy.

Upcoming blog (post move): Ruminating on my odd relationship with music. Random notes are as yet too incoherent even for me. 

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