Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cleaning House

The importance of Environment in Creating Art. Translation: I finally vacuumed, and feel better about life in general as a result. Sometimes, the little things can lift the day, get a snowball of, if not rampant productivity, as least a bustle of energy. Vacuuming, organizing bookshelves, collecting tax info, hitting two grocery stores, cleaning the cats' bowls, applying for a job. None of this is earth shattering, or art, but sometimes the hardest part about getting moving on a project is clearing a space (mentally or physically) for the project to start.

In the midst of shuffling through things, I picked up books, thumbed through and read, and so, ideas are marinating. And now that I can see the floor, I can look up again at the shelves and ponder the random bits of future arty projects. Those wooden blocks may be calling out for a bit 'o decoupage. And the boxes? Oh heck yes. Spring is coming. Nevermind the remaining snow. I'm looking for the future blooms.

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