Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nomadic Month

Seagulls St. Pete Beach
Seagulls lining up on
St. Pete Beach, FL
For a variety of expected and unexpected reasons, I've been traveling a great deal over the last month.

cemetary McNeal Arizona
Cemetery in McNeal, Arizona
First I journeyed from my former home in New Mexico to St. Pete, Florida.

Once returned to NM, I packed up and drove up to Portland, Oregon, stopping over in McNeal, Arizona and Klamath Falls, OR.

Flowers blooming in Portland, Oregon
From Portland, OR, I flew the friendly skies out to Portland, Maine.

I've seen weather fluctuating from 8 inches of snow to balmy sea breezes and 75 degrees, and zipped up and down from sea level to snowy mountain passes.  
In flight

Through all of this, I've kept my camera stashed in my purse, and managed to make good use of it here and there.

sunset Portland Oregon
Sunset from car window,
Portland, Oregon
(I've also taken quite a few dreadful photos, rambling around rest stops to stretch my legs or sitting in doctor's offices blessed with surprisingly nice water views, and other places when I needed to pause for a moment. I'll keep those masses of less successful photos to myself.)

highway 97 Klamath Falls
Hwy 97 north of Klamath Falls, OR
Lovely shots or not, I find focusing on images relaxing, a quick and easy way to tune down the incessant whirring of my sometimes overactive mind.  

After a month, I can tell you: this country is very large, and gorgeous in a myriad of ways.

I presume at some point I will be more clear on what season it is and what time zone applies to me.  We'll see.

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