Sunday, January 24, 2010

Floating Meanings

So another addictive aspect to art is that, at its core, it's about trying to find meaning.  To make sense of the world at large, or our tiny personal worlds, or both, and transform those elements into something of worth, from entertainment to deep thought to political statement, engages both the emotions and the intellect.  Perhaps that's why the process of creating is so aborbing, pulling in all sides of the brain, the intuitive that understands why this details says something about a character or situation, and the critical, that knows how to order the story, that keeps tabs on how an external observer could interpret.  I've often re-read pieces, and realized way, way after the fact that I had no idea why I put something in at the time, and yet, it makes total rational sense later, is indeed crucial.  I see later what I already knew, but didn't yet know I knew. 

Eh, I'm not getting at what I want in this post - but I'll let it fly anyway.  Perhaps when I come back to it, I'll see the obvious presenting itself. 

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